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Best Milestones to Capture in your babies first year

Newborn Session

These sessions are best booked during your second trimester. Reaching out after your 20 week scan is ideal (you will likely find out gender at this time). Pre-booking your newborn session ensures you spot on our busy calendar and gives us ample time to plan your session. Sessions are booked with deposit and scheduled within the first 10 days of life when possible.

3-4 Month Milestone

If you missed the newborn session and still want to get portraits done of your little one before they are sitters this is the best time to capture your little one wide awake. These sessions are up to 1 hr long plenty of time but without overstimulating your little. A few things to consider when booking a milestone session is posing at this age is limited to tummy and back poses. Babies at this age don't have long awake periods so bringing them in after they have had a nap is ideal.